How we support neuroproduct development with entrepreneurs in neuroscience:


  • Develop complete neuroscience and neurotech prototypes and products
  • Support researchers and neuroscientists in deep brain stimulation and other neurostimulation fields
  • Provide electrophysiology prototyping and development services
  • Partner with universities, hospitals and medical institutions
  • Bridge research and product development
  • Certified Medical Devices Quality Management System according to ISO 13485


The Senso Medical Neuroproduct Development Process:


Getting your research to become a commercial neuroproduct is challenging: very few neuroscience translational research makes it to market as a product due to expensive R&D costs and regulatory issues.


Our team lets you focus on your strengths while we deliver ours.


Senso Medical leads you through each step of the process of bringing neuroproducts to market, so you can focus on your work and become an attractive investment thanks to an experienced partner capable of identifying and solving any issues that could pose a challenge.

We bring our design plan to life, incorporating software, mechanical, electronics, biomedical engineering, electrochemistry, and electrodes design capabilities.

We provide testing services including protocol  development, design verification and validation,  planning, designing testing tools, implementation,  analysis and reporting.


Whether it’s a product mockup or a fully functional model, Senso Medical has access to an array of technologies for designing and building the prototype you need.

We partner with you in the research and grant submissions process to develop your and our technology further.

Our production services include building and managing cost effective manufacturing processes without compromising quality especially needed in production first runs.


The Senso Medical Neuroproduct Development Process:

Neuroproduct Development Stages



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