Your breakthrough could change the world of neuroscience forever and we want to help. We’re passionate about bringing to life the vision of neuroscience entrepreneurs and have helped many products successfully reach the market, including our own OEM’s.

Discover how Senso Medical can be your trusted partner in bringing your neuroproduct from proof of concept to viable product.

We are a team of cross-trained experts who specialize in shortening neuroproduct development and design time to market.

Competitive advantages:

  • Unprecedented innovative neuroproducts R&D expertise
  • One stop shop for all required specialists and project managers
  • Integrative, smooth and quick development and commercialization cycles




We keep neuroscience startups lean and efficient

We meet the challenge of bringing neuroscience and neurotechnology breakthroughs to market

Quickly get your neuroproduct to market by scaling up only the areas that are necessary.

Each stage of our process is led by an experienced, multifaceted team member in fields such as electronics / mechanical design, software programming, neuroscience and materials engineering, electrodes design and neuro-stimulation / neuromonitoring. We manage the whole end-to-end process for you, relying on your input and addressing any concerns each step of the way.

We act as your hands-on product technology and development arm. Each project is led by a seasoned neuroproduct development expert, bringing to you:

  • Defining the scope of neuroproduct to answer real world application needs
  • Assessing and determining the right neuroproduct technology requirements and constraints
  • Mitigating product, technology and project risks
  • Turnkey Product development
  • Developing and executing validation plans

Our process includes:


Senso Medical is building ready-to-use components to become the basis of your wearable and implantable neuroproducts. These are already developed by us allowing you to get to clinical trials very fast. Currently OEM for EEG/EMG based devices were released. In the future we will release OEMs for complete implantable neurostimulation systems for the brain and rest of the body.

Why partner with Senso Medical on your neurotechnology project?

  • Full Service: We bring you end-to-end neuroscience product management and manufacturing services all under one roof
  • Speed to market: Avoid juggling multiple vendors and get to market quicker with a dedicated team helping you shorten your product delivery times
  • Profits: Get to market faster and with higher margins by choosing the right components and manufacturing process
  • Validation: Quickly understand what it will take to bring your neuroproduct to market profitably and without patent complications

Senso Medical is your neurotechnology expert partner when
time, quality, costs and resources are critical.

Developing devices in the neurotechnology space is a complex science which requires expertise in multiple fields. Senso Medical is one of the only service providers in the world, that delivers this expertise. The company’s unique capability is based on in-depth knowledge in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, electrophysiology, Neuro-technology, EEG, EMG, implanted electrodes, cranial and DBS applications, neurostimulation, electronics, software programming, mechanics and physics. In addition with its partner network of production facilities, Senso Medical serves as a one-stop shop for clients.

Senso Medical is the first company focused on the development

of neuroproducts, providing all required expertise under one roof.

Neuroprosthetics/neurostimulater applications
Chronic, semi-chronic or acute, partially or totally implantable.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS)
Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery devices, surgical and implantable medical devices and applications as well as follow-up solutions.

Neuroscience technology
For research applications, integration of solutions from recording and behavioural test equipment, software, front end and mechanical solutions.

Biosensing Wearables
Miniature low power wearable devices – Health and medical applications incorporating sensors, signal acquisition and software.

Electrophysiology monitoring and stimulation
Incorporation of acute, chronic, long term and short term electrophysological devices for use in general practice and neurosurgery

Including chronic and acute, invasive and external, totally or partially implanted; for use in monitoring and stimulation of various signal types; durability and impedance improvements; multi and high channel count electrodes; applications in various clinical and neuroscience research.


Neuro-Prosthesis and neuro-stimulator applications; chronic, semi-chronic or acute





OEM Platforms for electrophysiology wearables

Not only do we help neuroscience entrepreneurs bring amazing new neuroproducts to market, Senso Medical designs & develops neurotechnology based devices to customer needs or as OEMs. For the last two years Senso Medical are designing OEM series of multi-channel sensing wearables for the sensing of biopotential signals like EMG/EEG in addition to sensing of electro-chemical signals that involves accurate very low leakage current sensing pre-amps.




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