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Inventing a breakthrough neuroscience technology is just the first step in a long, complicated process in bringing it to market as a viable neuroproduct. From understanding the goals and intended outcomes, to how the commercial technology interfaces with the brain, to navigating patent law and any risks associated with product use — it’s difficult for neuroscientists to take on this journey alone for the first time.

Senso Medical’s experts have perfected the commercialization with years of experience in commercial neuroscience. Developing devices in the neurotechnology space is a complex science that requires expertise in multiple fields including neurology, electrophysiology, and designing active implants. Senso Medical is the first  company who is focused on neuroproducts development service and  provide all required  expertise under one roof.

We manage the entire process starting with planning, design, architecture, product spec and development requirements, design and development, verification and validation including bicompatibility testing, sterility, cleanliness and electrical safety, regulatory applications, production of prototypes for initial marketing and clinical trials and establishment of mass production process.

If you want to be the first to market with a neuroscience technology, Senso Medical is the place to start and finish the journey from concept to finished neuroproduct.


Senso Medical was founded by Maroun Farah in 2014 to leverage on his experience as a Research & Development Manager and Chief Technology Officer. He served for 13 years with a leading neuroscience-based medical device development company to create products that bring neuroscience technologies to the market in the most cost-effective and timely way possible.

He has extensive experience in developing products in the fields of neuroscience technologies and functional neurosurgeries.  Additionally, he has deep multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of biomedical engineering, electrodes design, electronics, mechanics, neuroscience technology, electrochemistry and a background in software systems architecture. He has successfully led FDA and CE approval processes for multiple products.

Today, the company has more than 20 employees from all relevant engineering specialties and project management capabilities.  The company works with entrepreneurs who may either be at the concept level and/or with an established neuroproducts company that face difficulties in their development challenges.



The combined experience of our team brings more than 30 years of multidisciplinary expertise in biomedical engineering, electrode design, electronics, mechanics, neuroscience technology, electrochemistry and software systems architecture as well as proven success with leading products through FDA and CE approval processes.

The Senso Medical team has experience in multifaceted development of neuro-products including:


  • Electronics and mechanical design
  • Software programming
  • Neuroscience and materials engineering
  • Electrodes design
  • Neuro-stimulation and neuro-monitoring










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